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What IS a Mary’s Mini"

For those of you who follow me, you may have seen a thing pop up from time to time, either on my page or another, talking about a “Mary’s Mini“.
So what exactly IS this Mary’s Mini you ask" I wrote this post to not only answer that question, but to also give you reasons you might want to do it yourself, and more importantly – HOW to do it if you choose.

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WHAT Is A Mary’s Mini "
Many of us who are plant-based, follow the teachings and guidance of Dr. John McDougall. And while his program is more of a lifestyle change than a diet – many people over the years have asked specifically for a short-term diet – just to lose a little weight healthily – but quickly. So the good Doc, along with his wife Mary came up with this temporary10-day diet they call – Mary’s Mini.
It’s a diet where you choose a starch, and then focus each and every meal for 10 straight days around that specific starch. You can choose potatoes, sweet potatoes, or even a whole grain like brown rice or quinoa, but once you choose – that is the starch you’re stuck with for the duration. You then add green & yellow non-starchy vegetables as side dishes and eat until you are comfortably full.
The idea is to make the next 10 days SO boring and monotonous, that we only eat when we are actually hungry.So if you choose potatoes as your starch, I hope you really like po...
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