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Vegan Vegetable Walnut Stuffing

Vegan Vegetable Walnut Stuffing
This vegan stuffing has a crisp golden-brown top and a perfectly soft center. Finely chopped walnuts, nutritional yeast and mushrooms add robust depth to this hearty holiday side dish. Fresh thyme and oregano adds festive, holiday flavour.

A flax “egg” helps bind this vegan stuffing. Before baking, brush the top of the stuffing with melted vegan butter to get that golden-brown crispy top. If you prefer extra crisp stuffing, give it a quick stir once the top is toasty before continuing to bake.
This recipe makes 1 large (9×13-inch) casserole dish, or about 8-10 servings. Don’t forget the vegan gravy!
This vegan stuffing is a great side dish to serve alongside a Tofurky roast (with Tofurky “dripping” gravy and vegetables) or our vegan Thanksgiving loaf with cranberry glaze!
How to Make Vegan Stuffing Without Stale Bread
You’ll need to make that bread “stale” or dry before it’s suitable for making stuffing. If possible, use the overnight method below. But if you’re crunched for time, you can dry out your bread cubes quickly in the oven.
Keep in mind, fresh bread will lose volume and about 20% of its weight after it’s dry/stale. Prepare a little more than necessary if you’re “quick drying” your bread.
Overnight method: As early as possible, cube the bread and transfer to a large bowl, casserole dish, or paper bag. Leave the bread out, loosely covered so it...
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