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Vegan Corn Fritters (Baked or Fried!)

Crispy on the outside, moist and bursting with juicy summer corn kernels on the inside, these crave-worthy vegan corn fritters are easy to make and absolutely scrumptious!

Nothing says summer quite like sweet, juicy fresh corn kernels. Summer corn is my favorite, and I find myself buying up LOTS of it during these warmer months.

But while I love plain old corn on the cob, sometimes I like to shake things up and incorporate my delicious sweet corn into fun new dishes. That's what inspired me to come up with this vegan corn fritters recipe.

If you've got some corn to use up and want something really delicious, then these fritters are for you! They're super easy too. Whip up a quick batter and these fritters cook in minutes, whether you're frying them on the stove or baking them in the oven.

Ingredients You'll Need

Corn. Ideally you'll want to use fresh corn that's just been cut from the cob, but you can certainly substitute frozen corn when fresh isn't in season.Flour. I've only tested the recipe with plain old all-purpose wheat flour, so I can't guarantee results with anything else.Cornmeal.Baking powder.Ground cumin. This is optional, but I love the flavor that it adds to these fritters.Salt.Non-dairy milk. Use a variety that's unflavored and unsweetened. Soy milk, almond milk, or cashew milk would all be good choices.Peanut oil. This ingredient is for frying and can be skipped if you'd like to bake your fritters. Just about any...
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