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Vegan Coconut Bon Bons Recipe

These chocolate coconut bon bons are the perfect mid-afternoon pick me up! They’re healthy, keto (optional), gluten-free, and as always, fully vegan. Keep them in the refrigerator or freezer for when those sweet cravings hit!

If you?ve never learned how to make bon bons then you?re about to acquire a skill that?s sure to win you numerous compliments whenever you serve homemade coconut bon bons to friends and family!

This vegan coconut bon bons recipe takes the classic bon bons candy and modifies it with simple vegan ingredient substitutions, but I bet no one would even realize – they?re that good!

These DIY bon bons are made with a decadent dark chocolate exterior, filled with a sweet and creamy coconut filling that?s truly irresistible. Enjoy these vegan bon bons as sweet snacks or dessert over the holidays or any time of the year!
What Are Vegan Bon Bons"

Traditional Bon bons are little chocolate balls filled with a sweet center. As time?s gone on and home cooks have adapted the recipe, bon bons can be considered a candy-like treat, either shaped into a ball or shaped by a mold, filled with a sweet center.

In this vegan coconut bon bons recipe, I?ve filled the silicone molded bon bons with a sweet coconut mixture, using 100% vegan-approved ingredients.

Is this Easy Bon Bons Recipe Keto-Friendly"

They absolutely can be! In fact, these chocolate coconut bon bons would probably be considered as fat bombs to those on a ...
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