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Vegan Chocolate Salami Recipe

Move aside Christmas cookies because this vegan chocolate salami is not only totally addictive, it?s also a stunning treat to gift to your loved ones!

If you?ve never enjoyed a chocolate salami before, it?s essentially a decadent mixture of melted dark chocolate, crushed cookies/biscuits, and any other add-ins that you enjoy most, such as coffee powder, nuts, and fruit.

This no-bake chocolate salami is incredibly easy and quick to make – suitable to a vegan diet, and it can also be varied in numerous ways!

Where Does the Dark Chocolate Salami Log Originate"

It?s hard to say exactly where the recipe for chocolate salami originated from although it seems to be extremely popular in both Portugal and Italy and across Europe.
In Portugal, this chocolate salami (otherwise known as salame de chocolate), is enjoyed as a decadent tea time treat while in Italy it?s enjoyed with coffee and is particularly popular around Christmas.

It’s typically made with butter and eggs, making it distinctly un-vegan. But this easy chocolate salami recipe pares things down and does away with the need for these extra animal-origin ingredients.

What You’ll Need

As you can see below, the ingredients list for this eggless chocolate salami is very short! You’ll just need some good dark chocolate, some plain vegan cookies, and a couple of pantry staples.

Dark Vegan Chocolate– such as this one from Beyond GoodPlain Vegan Cookies&...
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