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Vegan Chocolate Pumpkin Cake Roll

October is over and I hadn't baked any pumpkin cake yet this year! I made other pumpkin things like pumpkin bars and cookies but no cake, my favorite thing! It has been a bit busy this Fall, more busy than normal it seems for me. But it is being busy with all good things like getting engaged (and starting the wedding planning process), doing activities with family and friends and working more so it is ok. But I haven't had as much time to bake. So I was thankful I had time this week to make my pumpkin cake! I was going to make a classic one with cream cheese frosting but decided instead on a chocolate pumpkin cake.

Because I am in a chocolate mood lately. I think it is because I am enjoying some of my home made chocolate Halloween candy and it just made me want more. Plus nothing beats a rich chocolate cake! I like pumpkin spice mocha lattes so I figured a chocolate pumpkin cake would be just as fabulous!
For the base of this roll cake I use a batter made with dates to sweeten it. Why dates" They help keep the cake nice and moist along with the pumpkin so it is much easier to roll plus give it an almost brown sugar caramel like flavor. Nothing is worse than a roll cake breaking so I try to make mine more roll-able. If you are not a date fan, don't worry, you can't really taste them in this. I personally love them though, I think they taste like nature's candy!

To fill the cake, I made a pumpkin cream filling with pumpkin spice and it was heavenly! So lov...
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