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Vegan Chocolate Filler Bars

When I was little, I thought chocolate filler bars were awesome! I mean, what could be better than gooey fudgy chocolate sandwiched in between crumbly buttery cookie dough"! I think I first had them at my Mom's friend's house and we got the recipe from her, but I remember them being one of my favorite bar recipes. My Mom made a lot of bars, and I guess I can't blame her, they are easier to make than cookies after all! I decided to make some Vegan Chocolate Filler Bars last weekend, because I don't think I have had one since I was in high school and they just sounded good. Plus I had just picked up some vegan sweetened condensed milk to use in them, which is a main ingredient in the filling.

The bars I remember enjoying had a buttery oatmeal cookie like crust with crunchy walnuts, but I decided to skip the walnuts and just make it a sort of buttery oatmeal streusel. Streusel is one of my all time favorite things, on pie or muffins, and of course bars like this where the crust becomes the streusel. This recipe usually contains egg, but I replaced that with a flax egg, and I replaced the butter with melted coconut oil and it came out perfect!
If you wanted to make these gluten free, you could use gluten free all purpose flour instead of the flour, or gluten free oat flour. Also, I used maple sugar for these, but you could use brown if that is what you preferred/had on hand. Either way they will still be delicious! For the filling, I used Nature's Charm vegan s...
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