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Togarashi Fries with Ichimi Miso Mayo

These vegan Togarashi Fries with Ichimi Miso Mayo are an indulgent, spicy favorite of ours lately. Fries are a bit of a blank canvas. You can top, dip or season them with just about anything. The same is true of vegan mayo, the neutral creaminess of mayo provides a blank canvas for layering a variety of flavors. And since we love using Asian spices and ingredients, we?ve decided to prominently feature two Japanese spices in this recipe.

Our Togarashi Fries use a Japanese spice blend known as nanami togarashi, sometimes called shichimi. This blend of 7 ingredients combines ground chili peppers with additional ingredients like dried orange peel and seaweed giving the seasoning a certain depth and complexity. Making your own nanami togarashi isn?t difficult, but for time and convenience we have used S&B Nanami Togarashi. There are a number of brands available, but each company’s spice blend will vary.
From left to right: Ichimi Togarashi (Japanese chili pepper); Nanami Togarashi (also known as Shicimi), it is a blend of chili pepper, orange peel, black sesame, white sesame, ginger, Japanese pepper and seaweed.
For our Ichimi Miso Mayo we?ve chosen to use red miso, also known as akamiso. Red miso has a richer, more robust flavor than other types of miso and provides the body and umami to help to balance the spicy ichimi togarashi. Ichimi togarashi, not to be confused with shichimi, is a Japanese dried chili flake. It?s seedless, fairly fine and hot enough to give...
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Togarashi Fries with Ichimi Miso Mayo

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Togarashi Fries with Ichimi Miso Mayo

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