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Stewed Chickpeas in the Instant Pot (stovetop method too)

I’ve been using an Instant Pot for over a year now, but this is my first official recipe using it – this one with chickpeas!

I’ve had a lot of requests for pressure cooker recipes. It’s taken me a while to post one, because I just tend tojust wing it with the instant pot. But, I have developed a number of Intant Pot recipes, and bringing the first to you today.

My favorite use of the IP is cooking beans. #useyourbean I use the Instant Potfor grains as well, but most often in combination with beans for recipes. It’s probably no surprise that the first beanrecipe I want to share with you is one with chickpeas. We use chickpeas and lentils more than any other pulses. Just our family favorites, so it’s natural for me to reach for them for healthyvegan meals. This recipe is one I will turn to regularly, even though I’ve finished official ‘testing’. It’s just so darn easy! I value that simplicity of preparation so much now. I thought once the girls became older, I’d delve into more intricate recipes again. Not so!As kids get older there is a different kind of busy. So I have no interest in fussy food prep. If you don’t either, you’re in the right place!
I also love the flavor and sauciness of this dish. The onions cook down with the dates into the tomato puree creating this saucy base with an underlying sweetness that offsets the smoked paprika.
It’s so simply delicious, I can eat i...
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