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Homestyle Vegan Stuffing

Who needs sausage and turkey" This flavorful vegan stuffing is made with simple, everyday ingredients cooked to perfection; and will make a beautiful addition to your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner table!

Now, most of the time when you see a vegetarian stuffing recipe it’s made with mushrooms, but as you may well know, I’m not a fungus fan. (Although, I did recently eat ‘shroomy chili without realizing it. Still prefer my own mushroom-free vegan chili recipe though!)

Thankfully, mushrooms are not necessary at all to build umami in your vegan stuffing! Nicely caramelizing the vegetables, using a quality vegetable broth, and blooming a few nontraditional spices will add great flavor. Lastly, my secret (as it often is) is to add a small dash of soy sauce, which is one of the most umami vegan foods there is!
For a little bit of textural contrast, I adore chopped, roasted chestnuts mixed into my vegan stuffing.
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