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Farro Breakfast Salad with Sweet Potatoes & Apples

This breakfast grain salad combines a few of my favorite things: sweet and salty flavor combinations, savory (or savory-ish) breakfasts, whole grains, sweet potatoes, and creamy dressings. It’s such a no brainer that I’m surprised it took this long to pop into my head ?
I have to admit that, as I was putting this together, I wasn’t sure it would work (maybe that’s why it took a while to materialize on my table). I wondered about the creamy dressing and whether it would overwhelm the other ingredients, and I worried that the multiple steps involved would be off-putting to people considering the recipe. After this past year, I’m more sensitive than ever to the importance of a streamlined cooking process, and this one is, honestly, a little piecemeal.
There are times, though, when an extra step or two is really worth it. Now that I’ve tasted the salad, I can see how each step serves a purpose: you could leave the kale raw, but the tenderness it acquires through steaming makes it a better textural compliment to the root veggies. You could steam the potatoes and apples instead of roasting them, but roasting or air frying them gives them a slight crispiness and deeper sweetness that shines through, even once the salad is dressed.
What you can do to make the salad easier to assemble is to whisk together the dressing, roast/air fry the veggies, or cook the farro in advance. Any and all of those steps will make this salad come together pretty ea...
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