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Easy No Bake Vegan Chocolate Mousse Pie

For the most part, turning on my oven at this time of year feels like a treat, rather than a burden. I love to bake, and I love it especially during the holidays.
But when you’re jet-lagged and catching up on work and very possibly catching a cold, it’s not necessarily the time to be fussing with the oven or with a complicated holiday dessert. Which is exactly why I’m happy to be posting this easy, no-bake vegan chocolate mousse pie.

The pie requires some time, but very little effort. The crust is a simple, press-in chocolate graham cracker crust, which you could replace with a store-bought vegan graham cracker crust if you like (a few brands are vegan, including the one made by Arrowhead Mills).

The filling is a silken tofu chocolate mousse that would be dreamy to serve all on its own, in ramekins. It needs some time to chill and set, but it’s fast and easy to make. And the coconut whipped cream is optional (replace it with any store-bought, vegan whipped cream), but it’s simple to make in either a stand mixer or with a hand mixer. That’s it: three simple components that need to chill in the fridge, but won’t demand any rolling or baking or complex decorating.

The pie itself is a delight. The chocolate gives it richness, and it definitely registers as an indulgence. But the texture is light and silky, which is a nice departure from heavier Thanksgiving treats! Here’s how to make it.

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