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Crispy BBQ Soy Curls

These BBQ soy curls are baked or air fried to achieve a crispy texture on the outside. They’re chewy on the inside and so flavorful. The soy curls perfect for serving on a bun, in tacos or bowls, or as part of a barbecue spread. Plus, they’re easy to make?you can use homemade or store-bought barbecue sauce!

Here I am again, with another simple vegan protein.

I know I’ve shared a number of these lately, along with other staple foods and basics.

But oh, how I love a soy curl.

Soy curls have become one of my go-to vegan proteins, right up there with tofu, tempeh, seitan, and beans. I now have a quintet of favorite proteins in place of a quartet.

Soy curls are nutritious, versatile, and wholesome. They’re less expensive than many store-bought vegan chick’n options. And, since you can season and flavor them yourself, they’ll give you endless opportunities to get creative.
This recipe is not creative, really. On the contrary, it’s a simple, vegan spin on a classic summer cookout staple, BBQ chicken.

But classics stand the test of time for a reason, right" I make these soy curls often, and if I like and use them as much as I do, there’s a chance that one of you will, too.

What are soy curls"

First things first: what the heck are soy curls"

That’s actually an easy question to answer: soy curls are actually soy beans. They’re non-GMO soy beans that are soaked, stirred, co...
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