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Creamy Tomato Coconut Red Lentils

I made this recipe last week at the tail end of a persistent winter cold?one that hung around aggressively for ten days, rather than the five or six I’m used to for that kind of illness. I was tired and congested, and I craved something nourishing, hearty, and?to use a word that a friend recently reminded me of?gloppy. These creamy tomato coconut red lentils proved to be the perfect medicine.The recipe came together easily because I had nearly all of it in my pantry: canned tomatoes, coconut milk, red lentils, spices. It’s just the thing for a busy night or a moment when cooking isn’t very appealing, but the idea of something thick and spiced and stewy really is.I hesitate to call the dish a dal, because the way I prepared it wasn’t at all traditional. But I guess it’s dal-like, just thicker, and you could eat or serve it similarly. It’s perfect for scooping up with naan, or plating along with steamed greens, and/or cooked rice. The grain mix you see in the photos is actually a mixture of red quinoa and white basmati rice, which I adapted from one of Divya Alter’s recipes in What to Eat for How You Feel(a good book for when you’re all sniffles an an aching head).I added kale to the recipe at the end, because it’s my habit to incorporate greens into this kind of stew-like dish when I can. You can leave it out, or you could add spinach or chard or even chopped broccoli florets in its place.Creamy Tomato Coconut Red Lentil...
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