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Cauliflower Fritters with Herb-Sunflower Spread

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Maybe on day I?ll stop sharing fritter recipes but probably not considering we eat them almost every week. This fall version features cauliflower, rolled oats, and a lovely sunflower cream sauce.
Fritters for every season
I love having fritter recipes for every season and almost every vegetable. There?s something very satisfying about a crisp patty, anytime of the year. These cauliflower ones are a bit on the wetter side, so be patient when you?re cooking. They need to set/be golden all the way before you try and flip.

Bob?s Red Mill Rolled Oats
When it comes to fritters, I usually alternative between breadcrumbs, flour, or oatmeal as a the bulk/binder help. I love using the oats though because it means these patties are gluten-free. I also always have Bob?s Red Mill Rolled oats on hand because of the amount of oatmeal and granola we eat in the house. Sunflower Cream

Of course, no fritter would be complete without a spread of some kind. While I usually go with hummus, I thought I?d share another one of my favorite options (that works well for this recipe and for a myriad of other recipes). This sunflower cream is delightful.
One caveat: the sunflower seeds do have a stronger flavor compared to cashews. I actually love it in this recipe with the cauliflower and herbs. You could, however, switch to cashews if you happened to have them on hand.
Serve this with:
Finally, I kept these simple by topping ...
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