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Buttery Scottish Teatime Scones - vegan recipe

Don't you just love a fluffy, buttery scone"
They are so associated with afternoon tea here in Scotland (and in England too), that it just wouldn't be the same without them.

I just love them, especially when they are still warm from the oven.

Scottish High Tea
Scones are offered in Scotland as part of a high tea. Have you heard of high tea" It's an early evening meal, where you're served a selection of cakes, including scones after your main meal with a pot of tea. Toast is often served too. All included in the price of the meal.

Oh and they are pronounced scone which rhymes with gone.

Vegan Scones

These scones are vegan. I used my traditional recipe for scones and changed the butter to dairy free spread, the plain yoghurt to vegan plain yoghurt (I use Alpro) and the milk to almond milk. It was as simple as that and they had a really good rise and were light as air when you bit into them. All soft and fluffy inside. I couldn't find my regular cutter for scones, so I used a smaller cutter, which made 12 small scones instead of the 6-8 large scones I'd usually make out of the scone dough.

What's the secret to light, fluffy scones"
Cold butter or dairy-free spread, straight out of the fridge.When you are rubbing the butter/spread into the flour, don't overdo it, just rub the butter in until it is combined.When you add the wet ingredients, cut it in with a knife, don't use your hands or a spoon.Bring it together with your hands but don't overwork th...
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