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An Evening With Dr. John McDougall

I have followed this man for over 10 years, so imagine my surprise when I got asked if I’d like to spend an evening with Dr. John McDougall.

This all started several months ago when I was invited to speak at a local NW Veg Potluck. I met many new friends that evening, including one lady who not only used to work for Dr. McDougall, but had also been friends with him and Mary for years.

This particular lady and her husband ALSO provide a monthly plant-based potluck, so when I got the email inviting me to dinner last week where their good friends John & Mary McDougall would be speaking – I jumped at the chance.

It was the perfect setting. A small room with a small group of people. Up close and personal you might say, with the man who changed my life over 10 years ago.
And it was everything I had hoped it would be and more. And believe me, he had a lot to say that night. So I thought I’d write this blog post to summarize.

Hope you enjoy.

An Evening With Dr. John McDougall

The Fire

Let’s start with the fire. As many of you know, Dr. McDougall, his wife Mary, and his daughter Heather lost everything in the Santa Rosa Wildfires of 2017. They lost their homes, cars, all their belongings, everything. They are unhurt, but you can imagine the trauma they all went through afterward.

He often mentions his cat, Einstein, in his videos and Mary said she hopes me made it out – but they really don&#...
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