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20 Soup-erb Vegan Soup Recipes

Every season is soup season if you ask me, but January is legitimately designated as National Soup Month. Considering the colder temperatures, it really is the best time to cozy up with a hearty bowlful, be it creamy, brothy, chunky, or otherwise. Just like salads, almost everything can be categorized as “soup” if you try hard enough, so where does the intrepid, undecided cook start"
When you want to get something on the stove without stressing over the best recipe, I’ve got you covered. These are my 20 most popular plant-based soup recipes that are all tried and true. I’ve made each of them scores of times myself, and if you don’t believe me, the glowing comments don’t lie.
Pull out your biggest stock pot and get ready to stew up a double batch. These foolproof formulas will bring you comfort and joy all year long.

20 Best Vegan Soup Recipes

When you're craving a bowlful of comfort, these easy, crowd-pleasing vegan soup recipes won't steer you wrong!

Spanish Lentil Soup

Keep warm and stay cozy with this simple, smoky lentil soup. Whole almonds make an unexpected apperance, slightly softened from the heat, still bearing a resounding crunch at the core. The unique combination of textures sets it apart from the pack.

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